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Lving In A Better World

Posted: April 24, 2012 in My Friends


Thinking of how Tara Young of our band and sister group MissGuided has a song entitled New Year’s Day (no relation to the U2 song of same title), I stopped and thought about Dick Clark as I read the headlines that he passed away today. I grew up every Saturday morning after cartoons were over and watched his weekly TV show American Bandstand. Loved the Pyramid game shows in the 1980s. Stayed up late every December 31st to watch him ring in every new year except in 2005 when Regis Philbin took his place after a heart attack. Loved his M&M’s commercial where he joked about hosting the last millenium. The ageless teenybopper can now be forever young in spirit. Blessed be, Richard Wagstaff Clark.

-Leslie Mariah Andrews
April 18, 2012