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The world of rap, hip hop and punk rock will never be the same. Already 2012 has seen the exit of Whitney Houston, Levon Helm and Dick Clark. Now one of Rap/Hip Hop’s pioneers has exited the scene.

My first exposure to this newly discovered in the mainstream brand of music was sometime in 1986 when in 7th grade I heard The Beastie Boys “License To Ill” album. Besides Run DMC and LL Cool J ruling the roost in the latter 1980s, the Beasties had great songs that helped their friends too put rap on the map. Yes, I recall many people predicting rap would become another disco, where people forgot about it after 1980. Nope. In 1959, many got tired of rock and roll, citing that it was all a fad between 1954 and 1958. Rap survived the ages. Disco eventually made a comeback and is regularly played on oldies’ radio til this day.

Yes, my two favorite songs of Adam’s were “Fight For Your Right” and “Girls”. Adam, you will be missed by one fan, who also occasionally raps.

-Leslie Mariah Andrews
May 5, 2012