Daniel “BUGS” Salcido 1963-2014

Posted: September 16, 2014 in My Friends

Small Wonder Experiences acknowledges the life of fan and friend Bugs Salcido, who lost his battle with liver failure last week. He was a very talented, wild musician, who was a good friend of LMA’s plus a huge fan of SWE and Miss Guided. He was also a talented songwriter, who attributed to one of Sheryl Crow’s biggest hits. What’s up, Bugs. That’s all, folks. (He earned his nickname for being teased about his love for Bugs Bunny as a child.)

  1. Damien says:

    I’ve been trying get into contact with Bugs for about a month. He stayed with a couple weeks before he died. He was in pretty bad shape. I just heard that he died.

    • Christina Perry says:

      Hi Damien, I’m Bugs Salcido sister thank you for your kindness. Giving my brother a place to stay when he was ill. I appreciate it.

      • Kesha says:

        Hi Christina, I’ve been trying to find Bugs for a few years now and I’m very sorry to hear of his passing. I was in the military and awhile back he loaned me a book and I deployed before I could return it. I tried to mail it to the address he gave me; however, it was returned. The book was autographed by the author with a note to Bugs and I would like to return it to his family. If you could help me I’d greatly appreciate it.


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