Posted: January 21, 2016 in My Friends

It is of great sadness that 2016 started off with many great musical talents leaving us in the first three weeks alone. Most importantly, Natalie Cole, David Bowie and just in the last few days Glenn Frey. In December ’15, we lost Lemmy Kilmeister (Motorhead) and Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) around the holiday season. In addition to these three great stars in January, a few lesser known sidesmen were lost too.

However, the Small Wonder Experience is still intact though only two of its founding members carrying on the Miss-Guided magic. All musicians past and present are still with us but we lost a few close friends and fans in 2015. Cat Livingston, Nzo (James) Nelson, Gavan Weiser (One Foot In The Grave) and Tim Kelly have crossed over to the other side and we think about them daily. And most of all, Reba (my dog) joined them too.

While we take five from a few shows this first part of the year, Lea Pea and myself are planning the next CD release and will hopefully have something out this year! Future appearances we will introduce new cover material plus all new originals! So as we reel in with big influential losses, we are hoping for new material to share with you all! Thank you all for a successful 2015 despite all challenges. May 2016 still make your hearts beat twice.

Bringing Love and Laughter Everywhere,
Leslie Mariah Andrews


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