Posted: November 15, 2016 in My Friends

2016 has been a roller coaster year for Small Wonder Experience as we have now become a steady outfit once again. For the first eight months of this nightmare year, we had almost no practice time and we were both involved in personal messes. Since September, we have felt a new injection of life blood enter our band’s bloodstream with new colleague act The Trembleweeds support us along with other great friends. We are once again guided (or Miss-Guided) back towards the light.

We had a great celebration of my 41st birthday this past Saturday night in addition to an earlier celebration of Teddy Quinn’s new 1:11 album! We love you always Ted Quinn and wish you a great recovery.

While LMA handles the Open Mic at the Joshua Tree Saloon for the remainder of 2016, Small Wonder Experience will be bringing you a grand experience again on December 31, 2016, supporting sister act Cynthia Manley! So watch us again as we become more pronounced in our town once again!!!!

New album coming 2017!!!


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