Posted: June 26, 2017 in My Friends

It is of deep regret that we have decided to end our days as a band. We want to thank everybody from Tara Young, Grant Young, James Yockey, Roland Gagne (r.i.p. 2017), Thom Merrich, Leanka Harris, Jennifer Irvine, Miriam Taylor, Glenn Rogers and anyone else we have had in our act. We also graciously thank Jerry Suprian, Dick Christie and Marla Pennington-Rowan for their kind endorsement of our band, as they were part of the original Small Wonder Television show, that the late Howard Leeds created in 1985. We will never forget you, Jerry!

Now it’s time for me to move forward with a new musical venture. Thank you all our fans in Joshua Tree, California and Teddy Quinn for believing in us the most. Blessed be to you all. We will always bring love and laughter everywhere, no matter where we go in life.


Leslie Mariah Andrews


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