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The two survivors of the Small Wonder Experience remain united, despite all that has gone on lately. My faithful drummer and I have reformed under a new name and continue to play music as a duo. However, our reputation as SWE has been severely damaged by vicious rumors about ourselves that have cost us important friendships and has forever altered our home life.

First of all, we are not drug abusers. Whomever says that either of us are severely slamming speed or other junk is telling nothing but a lie. For at least a decade, if not longer, we have not engaged in any such actions.

Neither one of us are dating a con artist who plans to rob us blind. Our home is no less at risk than anyone else’s of home burglary or other random crimes. Nobody’s perfect. Some of us have gone to jail or dealt with the law but people can change and learn. However, some crooked people who have never seen bars in their lives ought to for once. I after several months believe that my home is safe when it comes to who stays here. However, we are very closely monitoring everything that goes on.

Finally, I plan to pursue legal action against the one or ones who have turned former band members against us. Recent events have now made this a personal issue and I am demanding an immediate CEASE and DESIST of all rumors, Facebook harassment, etc regarding myself or anyone else who was part of Small Wonder Experience.

-Leslie Mariah Andrews
19 October 2017


Attention fans. The Small Wonder Experience members have recently had a rash of rumors that have negatively affected our personal lives. After a personal investigation regarding these things being said about us, there is NO TRUTH to these childish tall tales being circulated in our small town. I find these rumors very immature, infantile and disgusting. Sadly these rumors have cost us friends and have affected our family lives as well.

It is hard for a small town band to make it in music, and with all being said lately, this could cost us many opportunities. I demand that the individual(s) behind these lies to stop their stream of rumors or be faced with costly legal action. Your days of spreading libel, slander, defamation of character about us must end.

Thank you to all our fans who knew us better.

Leslie Mariah Andrews

It is of deep regret that we have decided to end our days as a band. We want to thank everybody from Tara Young, Grant Young, James Yockey, Roland Gagne (r.i.p. 2017), Thom Merrich, Leanka Harris, Jennifer Irvine, Miriam Taylor, Glenn Rogers and anyone else we have had in our act. We also graciously thank Jerry Suprian, Dick Christie and Marla Pennington-Rowan for their kind endorsement of our band, as they were part of the original Small Wonder Television show, that the late Howard Leeds created in 1985. We will never forget you, Jerry!

Now it’s time for me to move forward with a new musical venture. Thank you all our fans in Joshua Tree, California and Teddy Quinn for believing in us the most. Blessed be to you all. We will always bring love and laughter everywhere, no matter where we go in life.


Leslie Mariah Andrews

The Small Wonder Experience salutes the life of Roland Gagne, whom we sadly lost on Monday, May 22, 2017 after a battle with cancer. Roland was the first drummer from Miss Guided, the band we evolved from. We will be celebrating his life on Father’s Day, June 18 @ 5pm at Joshua Tree Saloon. Acts and performers TBA, to be hosted by SWE Alumnus Tara Young. Donations will be going to help Ronan, the surviving son of Roland and Ellen Gagne, as he has now been orphaned.

Saturday March 25, 2017

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Featuring Mike Perez


History of SWE, 2011- present

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