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Besides being a musician with the Small Wonder Experience, Leslie Mariah Andrews is an accomplished author of two self-published books. In 2004, she wrote a lighthearted novel called “Awakening from Broken Dreams” about a teenage transsexual who struggled in a small town and tried to win people over in a tough world.

“Love Cradle” is a vast departure, a murder mystery, CSI/Law and Order-inspired 2008 novel about an emotionally disturbed police detective getting wrapped up in crimes too close to home. A sequel is in the works, debuting January 2016.

To order e-books, please send me a request at KittenTimeLMA@aol.com and $7.00 to my paypal account at the same address for each novel.

To order the hard copies, type in the titles and my name at any Amazon or Barnes and Noble’s website.