Miss Guided + Friends Greatest Hits

No, we are not all about ourselves. We would like to acknowledge our friends and loved ones from town by showcasing their videos, songs and other fun stuff here too!!!

Miss Guided was our protege band from 2011 to its departure in 2013 from the Joshua Tree area. Tarable Tara, along with Grant Young co-led this outfit for about year before the SWE was formed officially in late 2011. Two other incarnations of the group, previously featuring Daniel Powers, James Yockey and Roland Gagne (RIP 2017) had existed. Miss Guided will always be remembered the way the Quarrymen and the Moondogs gave way to The Beatles, or like how Smile and Ibex merged into Queen.

Miss Guided (2010-2013):

Ted Quinn & The TV Giants (2010-2011):

Rock Art of Joshua Tree:

Shari Elf And The Kittens (2011):

The Zebrex Beatles’ Tribute And More (2010):

One Foot In The Grave- Senior Age Punk Band from Phoenix, AZ (2010):


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